(Origin 82444)

Blending elements of modern jazz with rock, 20th century classical music, calypso, New Orleans, reggae, drum ├źn bass and other diverse styles, Big Neighborhood is a thoroughly original band that is engaging and creative, pushing the listener beyond the confines of tradition. Firmly rooted in improvisational jazz, they also explore territories touched on by Pat Metheny, John Scofield and similar modernists. The band features guitarist David White who spent 18 years in New York and Boston before relocating to Seattle where the group is based.

Bearing little resemblance to the late 70s and 80s jazz-rock fusion, nor typical of the increasingly common "genre blending" jazz heard often these days, the starting point here clearly is modern jazz. But into this foundation unusual and diverse elements are subtly poured in. This music defies easy classification and yet reaches and leads the listener into new territory. In doing so it reminds us how much remains uncharted within our own familiar musical backyards. It is a big neighborhood.

1. Masters At My Table 6:22
2. Layered Effect 5:54
3. The Book Of Masks 6:14
4. Neighbors 4:59
5. Revised Music For Low Budget Jazz Quartet 7:38
6. The Jordy Strut 8:55
7. After Letting Go 8:21
8. Tristed 7:43
9. Manic 9:19
10. Enjambing 6:06

CHRIS FAGAN - alto sax
DAVID WHITE - guitar, guitar synthesizer